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Not working - NIPCA commands resultcode=unauthorized or This File is Forbidden

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Same issue here It just stopped after the latest updates.
There is away to get a stream though. I am still experimenting.
Try the following url https://admin:pin@192.168.x.x/av2/mpegts.cgi?mp4
that will start saving a video file (copy it while it is saving then change the name to mp4 and you will be able to see the video).
Not sure how to embed that cgi as a video or how to use it but will keep trying.


I couldn't get anything to work.

I am still waiting for a response from the camera group. I resent an email today.

Thank for your report ;)  best regards

In the release notes, the statement (#10) regarding RTSP, this is for back-end only and integration with Alexa/Google. It still will not work with 3rd party apps/software. We have asked them to rephrase the release notes to specify back-end only (or not include it since it is confusing to all of us).

So officially from D-Link, the DCS-8000LH, 8010LH, 8300LH, 8525LH, and 8600LH cameras do NOT support HTTP/RTSP video streams to 3rd party software such as iSpy and Blue Iris, support direct streaming via HTML, or support direct URL commands via web browser.

We could use url before this last update and could use this camera with 3rd party too !! I want downgrade the firmware ! A camera without this feature is totally useless ! And it s just a nonsens. Before this update i never been informed about the limitation of this native option. If i was i would never have accepted this update ! How to restore my camera to 1.02.02 ? Thx


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