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DIR 895L Antenna issues

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Pahoo Katawah:
1) Read in another post that 802.11n requires 3 antennae. If true, what does 802.11ac require?

2) DOA. How do I determine if each antenna is dead or alive and working correctly? I do have a lightweight milliGauss meter. I "had" software that indicated 2 antenna.

3) Does a "loose" connector on to which the antenna is screwed indicate a potential problem.


Depending upon MIMO or non MIMO, some AC routers have only 3 antennae, some of 4 or more.

Possible. Some have static connected antennae, some are removable.

Pahoo Katawah:
This is/was my understanding regarding the antennae. It has "8" external antenna:

MU-MIMO = Multiple User Multi-In Multi-Out
MU-MIMO TECHNOLOGY Handles high-bandwidth network traffic on multiple devices

QAM = Quadrature Amplification Modulation
NitroQAM = 8 antenna 4x4 MU-MIMO

Advanced AC SmartBeam =  intelligent algorithm to detect where the device is and where its moving in order to send a focused signal directly to it.

Advanced SmartConnect = allocates the best available band for optimal Wi-Fi performance (in my case 98%  devices = 5 gHz)

When I set my D-Link DWA-192 adapter to 802.11ac AND my DIRL-895L router to 802.11ac (only), the connection drops every 30-90 seconds after re-establishing it. Windows Diagnostics identifies a "gateway" problem. I'm trying to rule out the antennas as the problem. It seems to occur ONLY with the 802.11ac exclusive setting and the ability to set the bandwidth from 20 to 40 wide could also play a role?

Pahoo  :'(

What FW is on the 895L and what driver are you using for the 192?
What is the distance between the 192 and 895?

Please review this as well:

There is a v1.06 Beta that was posted last year for Windows. Something you might try.


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