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DlinkDDNS not working


i wanted to use DynDNS to acces my nextcloud.
But i can not get it working. In the log it always say badauth and disabling again.
I have checked the username and password, and they are correct. I can log in on the website with them.

Error updating dynamic DNS entry: <myname> badauth. Please check configuration. Disabling DynDNS. (I have change my dyndns name with <myname>)

I am on Firmware 1.23WW,  2010/04/14


* What ISP Modem Mfr. and model # do you have?
Has this ever worked on this router since you've had it?
You might contact someone at DynDNS and see that they say about this. Possible they may have requirements on use of older routers. Or the FW on the router is no longer compatible with there services... :-\


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