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i have a DIR-850L, HW:B1, FW:2.20.
How can I enable ICMP to work from WAN ?
I did not find this option anywhere.


* What region are you located?
I believe the 850L series didn't support ICMP features on this model.

Hello. Region is EU (East Europe).

In the firewall options I can only configure TCP and UDP settings, there is nothing on ICMP. I would of been interested to monitor via ICMP to detect some connection problems.

What kind of connection problems are you having?
Please give more details, maybe we can help you identify the problem.

The problem is not router related (I tested with a direct link also), it's a problem of the provider, but I wanted to monitor the connection to report the provider every time it drops. I can't do that with the router connected and I have to let a device online all the time instead.


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