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Google Home w/Dlink Error

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Good Afternoon All,
Has something changed with the app that google home uses and the cameras, what was working (very well before) now keeps coming up with "It looks like the stream is currently unavailable" error. 

What camera model(s) are you using?

I will ask a tech to test today.

DCS-8000LH and DCS8525LH - the exact error is "It looks like the stream is currently unavailable from...".  I already linked and unlinked the the account just in case.  It was working fine Friday and when I tried to use it again Monday I got the error.

Can you tell me what firmware versions you have on the cameras? I know the 8xxxLH line's latest firmware included a "google home dropping video" fix but wondering if it broke something.  I have a tech investigating this today.

2.01.03 for the stationary cameras and 1.02.02 for the moveable.  All cameras set for auto-upgrade of firmware. 


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