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Unable to save DHCP reservation

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I have DIR-842 Rev B1 with firmware 2.02B01.

I works as it should. Clicked the edit icon on the PC I was working from, enabled reserve IP and entered an address within the range. Clicked Save and the window closed after a few seconds. I released/renewed the IP on my computer and it got the correct IP address.

I am on Windows 10 using IE 11.

Do you have any pop-up blockers or browser add-ons?

No pop up blocker, no plug ins. Same behavior from multiple devices.

I can edit the device name or enable parental controls, and saving closes the pop up after a short lag and the changes are applied. DHCP reservation though... I just left it sitting for 5 minutes with a wired connection and the pop up is still there.

Trying a factory reset now.

Factory reset did it! Thanks for the help!

And now back to the same behavior. The DHCP reservation is sticking on the critical device, so I'm still going to call it a win. But I'll need to do another factory reset if anything else needs a DHCP reservation.

Hopefully D-Link can dive a bit more into this...


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