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Setting up and interfacing to the DNR-202L


First before I start. I do not own, nor do I use, any Microsoft products nor am I an iOS user.

Looking through the

Installation and Setup
Section 2 - Installation
Step 1

manual it specfically indicates that the only way to set this up is to
"Insert the installation CD-ROM ( Windows only? ) into your computer's optical drive".

For me that would be a show stopper. Is there any other way to interface to and set
up this device without having to use a Windows platform? I cannot find documentation
where an iOS device can set this up.

Once installed I assume the only way to talk to this device is using either an
Android or iOS install of the mydlink software? Knowing what IP the LAN assigns
to it does it have a web browser interface? Seems I should be able to set this
up using the mydlink application on an Android platform. Which I do have.



You can install the DNR via web browser since the DNR has its own web page.
I've only used browsers on Windows and Mac. I haven't tried a web browser on a Android Tab or Phone. It maybe possible.

Super, thanks for the help. I'll be using Firefox on a Linux Distro.

That should work.

Good Luck.


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