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Pahoo Katawah:
I just received the dap and did a wps button connect, which appeared to be successful. However, all the devices appear to connect to the router and ignore the extender, even after they choose the extender for connection; at some point they revert back to the router. I'm talking in the neighborhood of 11-12 devices.
I would appreciate any help/suggestions. I do have time to return the extender for credit but fact is, I should "need" it!


Your clients are responsible for selecting the best network. You may want to "forget" or remove the wifi network of the 895 router on your devices so it has to connect to the extender but if the clients are connecting to the router and you are not having any issues, you probably do not need the extender.

Note that extenders do not boost your wifi signal. There are 2 chips, 1 connects to your router, the other broadcasts the extenders wifi network for your clients. Doing this you lose bandwidth.

what is the distance between the DIR and the DAP? Feet?

Pahoo Katawah:

--- Quote from: FurryNutz on January 14, 2019, 02:02:32 PM ---what is the distance between the DIR and the DAP? Feet?

--- End quote ---

I thank both of you and Greenbay for your information! (I have been going crazy setting up new devices like doorbells, cameras, etc. which is why it took so long for me to respond).

The DAP is on the first floor not quite above the DIR in the basement. I'm not sure of the width of the area from ceiling downstairs to wood floor here but the diagonal from perpendicular could be up to 15 feet.

If I could, I would like to ask both of you a second question here, otherwise I'll begin a new Topic. I've had a device for a long time, called a CellSensor. There are several YouTube videos on it. Can I use it to verify the operation of the external antennas on a router or extender? It measures Cellular in mW/cm2 and/or Power (ELF) in milliGauss. If not, how would one go about verifying the operation of external antennas?

Both of these are connected issues. I had asked D-Link tech support if I should give the DAP the Highest priority in the QoS page of the DIR but they told me the free support expired two days earlier, on 12/31/18, and I needed to call for payed support. This has been my first chance to deal with these issues in the last four years due to a severe illness. Thankfully, I am better now.

I truly appreciate any help you can give me!

I would try moving the DAP a bit farther away from the DIR router. The wifi coverage to have too much over lapping signals between the two. Try 20-30 feet and see.


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