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How to disable SSH access to the router from the WAN interface?

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I just discovered that my D-Link DSL-2750U router is by default accessible on the WAN IP via ssh. How do I disable this?

This a serious security issue as the ssh login has the same default credentials as printed on the back of the router. I already saw 100's of login attempts on the system log in about 10 hours since the router is running.

--- Code: ---Fri Jan 11 14:16:53 2019 31 other username=admin password=admin fail
Fri Jan 11 14:16:54 2019 31 other username=admin password=cisco fail
Fri Jan 11 14:16:55 2019 31 other username=admin password=administrator fail

--- End code ---

 Luckily the first thing I do when I setup a new router is to change the default password.

What hardware version do you have?

Current firmware?

Depending on the firmware and your region, log into the router web UI, go to Maintenance > Access Controls. Click the Services button.

Uncheck SSH and then click Apply.


There is no Maintainence--> Access Control page.

What happens if you select the Maintenance tab?

Your picture is of the Status Tab.


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