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DCS 5030L - Unable to find proper setup software - USetupWizard_2.00.10 does not


Hi there - I have done a reset on the 5030L and am trying to set-up the camera.  The only software I found on d'Link site (USetupWizard_2.00.10) does not run properly - keeps looping back to the language selection page.  Using Windows 7 on my laptop that has set up my other cameras today using their specific "setup" software - unsure of the firmware version on camera as it was bought as a used unit.  Any & all help would be appreciated 

Can you connect the camera via LAN cable to the main host router to see if it gets an IP address from the router and then log into it's web page with a wire connected pc?

MyDLink or MyDlink Lite mobile apps have this model camera in there listed setup model section.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH - that little trick worked to "find" the camera... I now have a setup screen and will try doing the setup tomorrow... but I am more than 1/2 way there now that you showed me the "path"... THANKS again... Dave  UPDATE - 1st order of business - update the firmware - once that was done - by using the QR code on the camera and my cell phone - everything appears to be working fine... now if I can just get the firmware update for my 932L and 933L I should be in business.  THANKS



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