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Motion detection better w/FW 1.07.04 but leaves gaps when motion is ongoing


Any tips or tricks to get this thing to do a little better with recording ongoing motion? It's gotten a whole lot better at capturing motion rather than just the false positives it had been getting the past. But, it still cannot seem to fluidly record ongoing motion if there is a lot happening. I have this thing inside but pointed out to my driveway and front stoop. Yesterday I was in and out carrying in groceries. It caught me maybe 3 out of the 5 or 6 trips in and out to the car which is front and center of the camera. There was probably less than 30 seconds between my trips so I'm presuming this is some sort of problem with the camera being able to record to the SD in real time. I'm hoping I'm wrong and can tweak a setting in the recording somewhere to overcome this though. Right now motion sensitivity is set to 90%. I tried 100% once, but it was capturing unknown motion - likely bugs flying around or reflections of some sort. Overall, I do like this camera but it's been a very frustrating ride with it's inability to always capture motion and seemingly capturing nonsense. I'm using it for security and well, it's not particularly reliable this way. TIA!

I think I have had more luck with higher sensitivity and just deal with a few more false positives. I think often it detects a motion but then stops detecting motion, even though it is still happening, because it falls below the threshold. If you monitor the camera on the live view in advanced settings for a bit you can see exactly when it is detection motion and when it is recording (top left corner). Good luck!

Just an FYI, I ended installing a 3rd party app and am very happy thus far with it's results. The downside is that you have to use a PC to save the files instead of to a sim card. BUT, the software is so much better. And it's free!

It basically fixes all the problems I was so very frustrated about with the camera. You can buffer as many seconds as you like so that you don't miss anything. And it doesn't seem to get as many false positives because you can use different methods of detection. Hope this helps someone else.


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