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DSR-250 Apipa problem.

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I have a DSR-250 router that seems to be stuck in the 169.254 ip addressing. I've tried to factory reset it, but to no avail back to th 192.168. Even connect it to a pc with a static ip in the range of 192.168.  I've tried to connect to it via IE but can't seem to find or locate the correct address to connect to it. So, when stuck in the APIPA mode does anyone know what address to connect to it where are the original was  I changed the ip information on the pc to be in the 169.254 network when trying.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


* What Hardware version is your router? Look at sticker under the router case.
* What region are you located?
APIPA comes from a device or network adapter that doesn't get a IP address from the DHCP services the adapter is connected too. Routers do NOT output or service this IP address to connected devices. This happens on the device themselves.

Possible causes of this:
Lan cable is bad.
Lan cable not fully seated into connector jacks.
Network adapter card is bad.
DHCP services is mis-configured or disabled ON the router.
Router/hardware is bad.

Try a different cable between PC and router. Ensure PC network adapter card is set for Auto Obtain IP addressing. Don't set a static IP address on the PC. 
Try a different wired PC.
A factory reset should reset everything on the router back to factory defaults and should default to a 192 address. Review the user manual to check to see what the default IP address is to be sure.


Well, I tried all that you suggested and there was still no change. I suppose that something else happened because now the DSR-250 goes into constant reboot according to the console output. Pushing the hardware reset button in the back doesn't seem to work, just keeps rebooting.

Does anyone know how to get it out of the rebooting other than disposing of it.?


Possible the DSR is faulty and not working right.

See if you can do this on the DSR:
Emergency Recovery Mode

If this seems to fail, I recommend that you phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask for help and information regarding this.
Link> Tech Support Contact Information
We find that phone contact has better immediate results over using email.


Well I contacted the D-Link support and couldn't help me over the phone and wanted me to send it back to them to check out at my expense.
It would cost me more to ship it back nowadays then what I paid for it. So I decided to just dispose of it.

Thanks for all your help!  ;)



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