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DGS-1100-05/05PD/08/08P Rev B ONLY Firmware v1.01B031 BETA released


DGS-1100-05/08 Series Rev B Firmware:   v1.01 Build 031 BETA   11/07/2018   WW Region!
Revision Info:
Problems Fixed:

Includes fixes from prior un-released FW versions since B019:
V1.00.B030 N/A
V1.00.B028 1. [HQ20170829000010] Becomes unresponsible but still works after set
gateway IP and restart.
V1.00.B027 N/A
V1.00.B025 1. [HQ20170914000013] Set "System Name" OID value to NULL error.
V1.00.B024 1. [HQ20170814000012] Bad ping via DGS-1100 to hosts in customer's
V1.00.B022 1. [HQ20170126000002] Limit the DHCP request packets received from non
management VLAN.
V1.00.B021 1. [HQ20170320000011] Limit the ARP request/DHCP discover/SNMP trap
packets can be receive from non management VLAN.
V1.00.B020 1. [HQ20170126000002] Management interface is issuing ARP request to the
DFL interface.

1. Support parsing MSTP packets(compatibility with MSTP)
2. Improves performance of packets’ TX/RX and PoE’s accessing.

Includes changes from prior un-released FW versions since B019:
V1.00.B028 N/A
V1.00.B027 Voice VLAN change Spec[HQ20171005000016]: The untagged packet rx
from a surveillance/voice VLAN member's port, will ignore the port's PVID
and be added surveillance/voice VLAN VID and be forwarded in
surveillance/voice VLAN.

Get it here: Select Rev B from the drop down menu




Let us know how it works for you...


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