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Author Topic: Antenna Modding  (Read 7240 times)

Lynk Byter

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Antenna Modding
« on: December 24, 2018, 11:48:12 PM »

I'm about to change the antenna to something more long-range friendly. I have the camera apart, again. Looking at the wifi adapter & some searching around has resulted in ID'ing the component that acts as the antenna, plus it's associated matching network along the feed path

I think this should be easy enough, just unsolder that white component, solder the center conductor to my new antenna cable to the antenna solder pad that is at the end of a 3mm trace coming off the matching network. Then add in a ground lead, from the end of the antenna cable to the ground pin on the adapter's host connections

Unless anyone with some ham radio experience wants to chip in with a better idea. I wasn't sure if maybe I ought to go to the other side of the board and cut out the matching network as well. This wifi adapter board came in a external antenna version, and that had a very small antenna connector soldered in a place that has a silk screened outline of such a installation. There's what appears to be a resistor that would need to be removed

But the chip antenna is 50 ohm, and I think this router antenna I want to use might also be a 50 ohm unit. So I ought to keep the network?