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Question about link speed

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Hi All,

Brought DIR-878, updated it to the latest version and everything seems to be fine but i have a question about link speed.

The max connection link speed i get on a wireless N device is 300 Mbps while on new wireless AC devices (Phones, Tablet), the max link speed i am getting is 433Mbps (Connected to 5 Ghz). Should it not be more?

Thanks in advance.


Depends on a lot of factors. Distance, link quality, interference, etc).  5Ghz is "faster" but does not go through walls as well as 2.4 so if you are going through walls, mirrors, fish tanks, floors, etc the signal does degrade and you will get slower speeds.

How are you measuring the speed?

What phones/OS and Tablet do you have? 

In terms of measuring speed, i am checking the details on the device to see what the connection link speed is. Any suggestion on ways to measure it in a better way?

In regards to the devices / OS, details are as below.

Phones: Redmi note 4 /5 on Android OS 8.1, Iphone SE on latest IOS
Laptops: Windows 10
Tablet: Ipad Air on OS 11.13 , Surface pro on Windows 10

In terms of distance, The WiFi signal is OK all around the house but for the test, I am still right in front of the router.


The connection link speed is the PHY speed (similar in Windows when the Ethernet connection only states 10, 100, or 1000Mbps but in reality the speeds can and will be slower depending on environment, quality and length of the Ethernet cable). it is not super accurate.

You can use WiFi Analyzer (iOS and android) which will show you any interference.  You can also go to http://speedtest.net from your computer and mobile devices (app - speedtest by ookla). This will measure your actual speed.

I found this guide and it does a pretty good job explaining Wi-Fi speeds and connection types. Section 4 (2.4) and section 5 (5ghz) will explain max speeds depending on the modulation and coding of both the router and client.


I use WiFiSweetSpots on iPhone and Android to get connections rates from devices to routers wifi.  ;)


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