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Problem. Camera dies..



Im having trouble with my camera. Motion detection wakes up the camera, from powerless so it has to start scan for wifi and it starts to record. But until then the camera is turn off. Then it works till motion is gone, and turns it self off.  But i want it to powered on all time. Can someone help me?

Camera is connected to TP-LINK WIFI repeater, which is connected to Asus RT-AC68U and also ive cut the power cable and extended the cable.

If the power is off then there is an issue with your cut power cable. How long did you extend it?

5 meters i think. But how can it work and power on when it detects motion?

Is the camera running hot?

It is probably powered enough to trigger motion but definitely sounds like the power adapter is the issue.

Removed the extend cable, its seems to work now.  I have another issue now, the camera is zoomed in from the PRESET tab I believe, is their any way too remove the zoom or preset? Cant find it...


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