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HD not being detected anymore...


I've had my DNS 327 for years  now and recently one of the HD stopped showing up on the admin panel and is no longer accessible, the funny thing is, that was the OS HD and everything still runs despite me not having access to it or any data in it.

For example, when I check the admin settings they are all there and not newly installed on the 2nd disk or anything alike.

2nd disk is perfectly fine and accessible.

The only information I have on the logs is:

--- Code: ---"Volume_1" Has Crashed. .
--- End code ---

However I didn't really change anything on that Disk other than accessing it, last access to it was early Today.

Both HD light are up on the case, and I have turned it off, checked inside, replugged all the HDs just to be sure they are well plugged.

What should I check to figure out the issue?

Should I unplugged the 1st disk and plug it else where? What should I use to to see if there is anything wrong with it or the NAS?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance...

Well after removing the HD and testing in other places I came to the conclusion the PCB died, the drive is still spinning however its not detected on the BIOS at all.

I am considering order a new PCB from https://www.hdd-parts.com/info.html mostly for my own curiosity to see if I can revive it and get some data from it.

If anyone have other suggestions of what I could try, I would love to hear.


Kind of beyond any help here. If the HDD fails, usually not recoverable. I had thought about this years ago with a HDD I had. Didn't try to get a new PCB.

Let us know if you try it and if it works for you.


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