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So has this router been abandoned?  No new official firmware in over a year.

Nope not abandoned, I have asked for status a couple of times without a real response.   I get PMs from one of the forum admins every once and awhile that they haven't forgot us but have nothing new right now.

Firmware has been a SLOW process lately. Not sure if there is a new one planned for this router/extender since we have so few support calls about it. There aren't announcements of upcoming firmware in most cases unfortunately so I do not know.

Along with other issues I reported in other threads, I have a major issue with the cover showing connected devices in the GUI, or not showing them.

Unfortunately the connected devices issue has been there with all routers with this same GUI. Not sure why it has been an ongoing issue but it is happening with multiple routers. I haven't been told exactly how the router receives information from the clients other than the router will send out ARP requests and if the client doesn't respond back it should remove it from the connected device list UNLESS you either renamed the device or set a reservation - it should be grayed out.  I am not clear how the router knows what the device it other then some generic string the device sends to the router (device name) or if it connects to some magical database with every device in the world matched with mac addresses.


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