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Unable to access camera in mydlink.com


Camera - DCS-2330L, Chrome browser, Windows 10

Trying to use mydlink.com portal for live view, modify settings - but unsuccessful

Login to mydlink.com (OK) using chrome browser
I have two registered cameras. One shows offline, the other  (2330) shows online with a green check mark (OK)
The Live view pages says loading plugin.. 100%, then a long wait timer, then says "loading" for a long time, finally error message in red saying could not connect to the camera, stating on the page that I need to check for 1) more than 256K bandwidth and 2) firewall

The mydlink Lite app on my iPhone WORKS and shows my live view, settings, playback perfectly, issue is just with accessing through mydlink.com

I have WAY more than 256K bandwidth.
I turned off all firewalls with no success




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