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DCS-5030L Firmware 1.05.17 Released (KRACK and Certificate Fix)


Firmware:   v1.05.17   Oct 30, 2018

Problems Fixed:
1. Change the default system time to 2018-01-01
2. Update ActiveX Plugin to v1.0.1.15
3. Re-sign the ActiveX plugin with the new certificate
4. Re-sign the Java applet with the new certificate
5. Re-sign the macOS plugin with the new certificate
6. Upgrade MatrixSSL to v3.9.3 that resolve the vulnerabilities in MatrixSSL.
7. SD recording for Motion detection and sound detection can work independently.
8. Fixed a command injection issue in the change adminís password configuration.
9. Fixed the issue where sending long password on password field of html page.
10. Fixed WPA2 KRACK vulnerability issue.
11. Fixed an issue that when set motion sensitivity to 0%, the motion alarm still occurs.
12. Change the open source (used for email function) to follow the GPLv2 terms

New Features:
1. Upgrade mydlink agent to v2.2.0-b44

DCS-5030L  FW can be downloaded here: ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DCS-5030L/REVA/DCS-5030L_REVA_FIRMWARE_v1.05.17.zip

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This update appears to have inadvertently fixed the issue with a double speed playback in the video portion of recordings.  Hope I'm not jinxing this!


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