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DIR-855 keeps rebooting when no internet

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I have a problem with my DIR-855. When my internet is down the router keeps rebooting until the internet is back.
This is a problem because when the routers reboots every few second my internal Network does not work.
I have no WIFI and cant access my NAS.
How can i stop the router from rebooting when the internet is down?

This is not normal behavior. What hardware revision do you have and what firmware?

I have Hardware Version A2 and Firmware Version 1.23EU

Has it always done this or is this a new issue?

Unfortunately this router was discontinued over 7 years ago so no new firmware or support. There is 1.24 on the US site. Not sure if this would work on the European version.

You may want to reset the router back to default settings and setup again.

I have this problem for several years now.
When i remember right this was not a problem when i bought the router new.
Maybe it worked on older firmware versions.


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