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Possible to use on Gigabit?


Is there any way to get my DIR-655 Rev A (1.35NA firmware) to attain gigabit speeds, or do I have to purchase a new router?

Just recently switched to Gigabit Rogers, and the  modem/router sucks, constantly lags on Twitch and Netflix.

So I hooked up my DIR-655, and it solved the lag on Twitch but my max download caps at 225mbps.

Any way to get this router to 1000mbps or do I basically have to buy a new router?


Unfortunately this is a HW limiation of the 655. Since the tech wasn't probably available way back then for the WAN side, nothing was designed for it. You'll need some thing newer...Maybe a DIR-878 or COVR C1203. Gamer or Streamer or average user? Let us know if we can help find a newer generation router.

Whats the Mfr and model# of the ISP modem/Router?


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