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How is it possible to get camera up and running but it not be on my dlink account?
The camera works fine, however, it isn't accessible via my dlink account online (mac) or mobile(android), it doesn't appear.  The other one added with no issue as well as the 936.

I  did it twice, any ideas?


If you connect the camera via LAN cable to the main host router, look at the routers connected clients list to see the IP address the camera got from the router. You can navigate to this IP address in a web browser and use the cameras web page to set up the camera I believe. Wireless setting and such should be available in the cameras web page.

Thanks! My brain would not give me this idea:
to try to manually get into the camera with the IP address. I was stuck on using the WPS button and because I couldn't get it to connect to the account I couldn't get into the backend.  Because even trying to setup via the ethernet wouldn't let me link it to my dlink account. I rebooted the camera with the safety pin but I don't think that completely wiped all settings for some strange reason.
Since I was able to get into the backend I was able to reboot/refresh properly. Now, I'm back in business!

I appreciate it!!!

Extra info just to share: My new cameras are wasnview 720 outdoor a bit less complicated but not as many features. My issue with them is really a wifi coverage problem. I am going to purchase a powerline adapter and hope that works because the wifi extender isn't as reliable as I would like.

You can also use MyDlink Lite, MyDLink apps to connect cameras too with mobile device.



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