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Browser Issue with Latest Firmware (1.15.12)

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I've just installed the latest firmware on one of my DCS-5020L cameras (Hardware version A). Both cameras were working just fine with 1.14.09. When I try to access the newly updated camera over my local network I get the following message:

"The browser you are using may have difficulty receiving images and video. If you experience any issues viewing this page, we suggest using Internet Explorer or Apple Safari."

I'm using the latest version of Firefox (62.0.2) on a Mac running macOS Sierra (10.12.6). I can access the newly updated camera with Safari, as suggested, but I neither like nor normally use Safari. Furthermore, I'm currently using a version of macOS for which Apple will soon stop providing security updates, so Safari will not be a safe option much longer. And no I'm not going to update my OS just for this.

BTW: I have no problem accessing images from the camera, as presents a perfectly good image. It appears that the firmware is just blocking all of the web server pages for no good reason other than I'm using an unsupported browser that MIGHT have problems with some other aspect of the camera (i.e., displaying video or images), which I'm not!


Thanks FurryNutz, but I've been aware of that since Firefox 52 was released.

Simply put, my question is: Using the current version of Firefox, why do I have absolutely no problem accessing the built-in web server of a camera with firmware version 1.14.09, but all I get is a simple HTML page containing the fore-mentioned message from a camera with firmware version 1.15.12? Have they really changed the web interface that much that it's completely non-functional without some third-party browser add-on?

I don't need to stream video via the web interface; I have other means of doing that and have lived without that since I bought the camera. When I need is to be able to configure the camera.

There is probably a compatibility issue with the recent version of browser and FW code. As browsers get updated, browser Mfrs are starting to close down on plug ins and additional stuff that can be run with them. Makes camera and router Mfrs hard to keep up with sometimes.

I can see updating the firmware so that it displays a message warning that the browser may not support some of the camera's features (e.g., streaming live video), but to completely block it's use is unnecessary. All you get now is the message, and no way past it to the web interface. I consider this a bug. How does one submit a bug report on a D-Link product?


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