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How to use Dlink 2360 as repeater


I have two DAP-2360. The oldest A1 and the newest B1 with ver 2.10.
I have lot of walls and closed doors from where I can connect one of them to the wired network. I just need to have 3 meters more.
I know that I can connect the second DAP to wired network near where the wifi signal is poor but it requires new wiring.
Is it possible to use the first DAP as Access point and the second as repeater? I read about WDS with AP but I didn't understand how to make it works.



* What region are you located?
I would review the user manuals for each DAP. If Repeater mode is not listed anywhere, then these model DAPs don't support repeating. WDS is known as wireless bridge where the one DAP could connect to the other DAP in AP mode. This creates a wireless connection only between the two DAPs. On the bridged DAP, I presume if it has +AP mode, I presume this would work as it connects thru the wireless bridge mode, then creates another SSID in AP mode at the 2nd DAP. I've never done this so I'm not 100% sure on how it fully works. Review the user manuals for this information...

Thanks for your answer.
I'm from Algeria.
I read the manual but it's not very clear.
The DAP-2360 has not indeed  the repeater function but I read that WDS+AP can do what I need. How? I don't know.

Is there a setup wizard with in the DAPs UI by chance?
Is there any WDS UI settings with in the UI?


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