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D-Link Portal no longer works with Safari 12

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Have been running Mac OS 10.12 to remotely view our D-Link cloud cameras. D-Link portal worked fine with Safari v11, but a recent upgrade to Safari v12 results in a failed login, displaying the following: "Unsupported Browser or Operating System Detected!". A link on the page to install a plug-in does not complete with a 'Plugin install failed' message. Downgrading to the previous, working version of Safari is not a practical option on this machine.

Looking for solutions to resume working with Safari v12. Thanks in advance.

Does it work for other browsers, ie IE11 or FF?

Safari 12 jumped on the firefox bandwagon and removed java and other NPAPI plugin support.  ::)

Great.  >:(

Well it is 2018 and web developers should be using HTML 5. Just saying...


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