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DNR-202L Won't see my internet

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Seems ironic, but after chatting online with D-Link personnel about me trying to find out how to download videos & pics from camera, my recorder will NO LONGER see the network.  I absolutely had no problems with it before I had my chat session.  I've been using it for several years now.  I will say, though, that I was never able to get the external HD to record, but I did have some recordings on the camera until the SD card filled up. That's what I wanted to do after I download the SD card data...work on getting the external HD problem fixed.

I know the cable is OK & the port on my wireless router is OK.  I even reset the recorder several times...did not work.

The wireless router is showin***ellow flashing light for quite a while, then the green light will come on for a few second, then the external HD light will flash for a second or two, then the recorder will show a green light for a second or two...then back to red & it starts all over again.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!


* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the DNRs web page under status.
* What region are you located?
What Mfr and model is the main host router?
Is the DNR getting a Dynamic IP address from the main host router? I recommend using a Static IP address ON the DNS set to 192.168.#.202.

Firmware v. 2.0, Hardware v. A1
U.S. (PA)

Wireless Router it's connected to is a Linksys EA2700  Firmware:  I tried updating this firmware...didn't work.  I have always had problems after updating firmware, so I won't try it again.

No, I'm not getting an IP address.  I can't see it in my wireless router config page, so I CANNOT change it from DHCP to Static IP (which I think I already did before it crashed).

I was a network admin (retired now).  Granted, I don't know a whole lot about security cameras, but I have set them up for business before with no problems. 

It does seem ironic though that this happened right after I had chatted online with a D-Link Helpdesk person online chat.  I was a little rude initially because I was under the impression the SD card was located in the recorder (not in the camera itself).  I thought the Helpdesk person didn't understand what I was asking.  I just asked where & how do I get the SD card out.  I wanted to download the pics/video off of it b/c it was full & I didn't want to lose that info.  I have NEVER been able to get an external HD to work with the recorder unit.  I bought the system from my daughter & they were never able to get the recorder to record on a HD either.  It is possible that it is defective.  But I was able to see LIVE video on the cameras via my smart phone up until I chatted online with the D-Link person.  That is wayyyyy too much of a coincidence!!! 


What browser are you using? I use IE11 and FF ESR v52.9.0 on mine.
The FW should be updated...

You have an SD card installed on the 202L? The 202L doesn't support installation of a SD card. Only 2 USB ports for connections with external USB Flash Drives or large HDD drives...

I would do this, factory reset the DNR while it's connected to your home router. After the reset, look at the Linksys routers connected clients list for the DNR, it should be listed and have an IP address...If it does, use IE11 or FF browser to gain access to the DNR and walk thru the setup wizard. If it doesn't get an IP address, try swapping LAN cables between the DNR and router with a know good working cable.

Thanks FurryNutz, but I already knew all that.  I believe the 202L is defective & won't connect.  I did try swapping out NIC cables long ago.  I did reset back to factory settings several times to no avail. This sucks!  I guess I have to buy a new one.  Thanks anyway for your help.  I will try calling D-Link first though.


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