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DCS-936L - Firmware 1.07.04 Released

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Firmware - ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DCS-936L/REVA/DCS-936L_REVA_FIRMWARE_1.07.04.zip

Release Notes:

1. Change mydlink agent to v2.2.0-b47.
2. Support security enhancement for mydlink Lite app
3. Upgrade ActiveX/Plugin for D-Link auto sign certificate
4. Fix no motion and recording icon in Live view page when using HTTPS
5. Fix WiFi compatibility issue in v1.06
6. Fix RTSP streaming issue
7. Change SD card format tools (dosfstools) to GPLv2 package
8. KRACK fix (WPA2)

is this coming down in the apps as well or do we just manually update using the cameras UI?
So we need to reset and setup from scratch or apply and continue?

It "should" be pushed through the app but sometimes can take a few days from when I receive the firmware from the global database.

FYI, noticing in both Opera and IE11, the file gets to 100% complete however the download never actually stops. IE just gave me a error saying file could not be downloaded even though it got to 100%.  :-\

While downloading the file from FTP or upgrading the firmware?


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