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Limiting internet speed of connected devices?


Hello I am using D-link DIR 859 A3 F.W. 1.01SG. I'm wondering how could I limit the internet speed of a connected device. I could only see the QoS engine and put the device on medium priority. I have a 15 mbps connection and I want to limit the device to 1 mbps only. Is it possible? I don't know much about this kind of stuffs so any help would be much appreciated.


* What region are you located?
The QoS only limits the bandwidth by general usage and priority. There are already set limit values on Highest, Medium or Low. You can't set a specific value.

South East Asia/Philippines. Btw is what I'm trying to achieve possible?

I don't believe so. You'll need to just use what each Priority section offers. If you need a device to have low priority, you'll need to set it in the Low section of QoS.


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