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What about "motion stopped" delayed event for Ifttt? Useless without that.

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Just bought the Dlink S150 and was very surprised there aren't more plug-in motion sensors.
I was happy to see it support ifttt but found it completely useless without a "when motion stops" event.
When motion triggers, we can turn lights on..
But when motion stops.. or there is a n seconds delay between motion.. you need to have another event to trigger another command. Without that the ifttt support is all but pointless.

I just want to +1 this.

I just bought the D-Link Motion Sensor as well, but there really is no point in using it as part of my IFTTT setup unless I can automate an "off" action after no motion is detected for a certain period.

Is this in the works?

I am stumped by the same thing.  Did you ever figure out how to make it turn the plug off?

I do not believe the sensor sends a "trigger" after the initial motion detected is triggered. I will look into this more.  Is there an event in the plug or light to turn off after say 1 minute after being turned on?

What device are you using (brand and model)?

I have the dlink s150 motion sensor and the w110 plug.


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