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850L 5ghz speed lacking

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I have had this router for I think over 4 years with no problems so far but recently I have upgraded my internet speed to 1gs and I have an issue:
via the 5ghz band the most I have gotten is 280mbs using speed test and this was tested with a laptop and a smartphone and the router had only one connection at a time
via lan i get 900+mbs
Both phone and laptop use the 5ghz band and have AC wireless and they were tested on another router that was connected to another provider with 500mbs and both got around 450mbs so I;m guessing this is a router problem.

I have tried :
Updating the firmware
Reseting to factory settings

Can anyone lend a hand ?


* What Hardware version is your router? Look at sticker under the router case.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the routers web page under status.
* What region are you located?
The 850 was only rated for 300Mb on the 5Ghz radio I believe back then. SO you hitting its max bandwidth. So I presume the wifi will be the problem. What are you wired speed test results with a wired PC connected to the router? If your getting near 900Mb on wired then the LAN portion of the router is good however there maybe limits on the QoS as back then I think that was only rated for 100Mbx10Mb however if your not using it on the router, thats ok as theoretically it's not really needed on 1Gb ISP services. So if you still want to use the 850L as a router, you could disable the wifi radios on the 850L and install a newer generation DAP wireless device or find a used newer generation DIR series router and convert it to a LAN to LAN AP:
Turning a router into an AP.

So there you have it...the 850L was good for it's day, however with faster speeds coming out now days, the 850L will show it's limits...  :-\

And at most for even newer generation wifi, you not see much over 500Mb on wireless. Depends on device design and support. There isn't many devices that can do anything over 500Mb currently. LAN Ethernet will always handle 900Mb. Hope one day 10Gb LAN will come to the home. Still waiting on that.  ::)

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2. 1.14ww
3. Eu

I remember when I bought it it was advertised at 867mbs or something like that

867Mb was on mode AC on 5Ghz. Are your devices connecting to N or AC? N mode I think maxes at 300Mb on 5Ghz...
Have you tried setting AC mode only with WPA2 and AES?

What devices are you using for wireless speed test? What modes do your devices support. And bandwidth?
What are your wired speed thru the router?
Is QoS and Traffic Shaping enabled? Should be disabled...

Both of my devices are AC (as in the original post both devices were tested on another router on 5ghz band with 500mbs from provider and got over 400mbs) and are connected to the %ghz band.
I've set the 5ghz band to ac only and wpa2 and aes but nothing changed.
Via Lan the speed is 900+
QoS is disabled but I don't know where traffic shaping is
I've found the routers box it is advertised as 300mbs on the 2,4ghz band (that doesn't happend, its at max 100mb) and 867mbs on 5ghs band


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