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DCS-8000LS with MotionEYE


Has anyone gotten this camera to work with MotionEYE?

I've tried a number of URLs which were listed in another post in the forum, and none work.  MotionEye shows "not a supported network camera" which indicates it is not receiving a video stream back which it understands.

I have NOT applied the disastrous v2 firmware.


Any progress on this?

What do you mean by "disastrous v2 firmware"?

The 2.xx firmware is only "disastrous" if users want to use with 3rd party apps or use HTTP/RTSP. This firmware will disable those features and add cloud recording support as the other DCS-8xxxLH cameras.

Are you using http url or rtsp in MotionEYE?   Unfortunately I do not have an 8000 with 1.xx firmware here to test.  ::)
These are known urls to work.  http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=72715.0


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