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Firmware Security upgrade interrupted. Double Solid Orange Led Indicator

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Hardware: DIR-850L  H/W A

Story - Washing machine jumped breaker and power was cut from house during firmware update.

Problem 1 - Unable to access router gateway and ipconfig indicates the gateway is that of my modem. Currently LAN internet still working however wifi is down

Led Indicators - At the beginning was able to trigger the flashing power LED <Indicates that I was able to do a firmware recovery but not aware of it at the time> however I power cycled and it became 2 solid orange lights.  (Looks green because of bad camera, but 100% it's double solid orange, however the top tip of the power button is a bit green) Even when I unplug the internet cable the internet indicator is still a solid orange. As well when I power cycle the router, instantly solid double orange indicator and instant internet connection as well.

Problem 2 - Was able to trigger the flashing power led again later however power cycled again because a family member needed to get some work done. Now it's stuck on double solid orange again and it seems like no reset and power combination is able to trigger the emergency flashing firmware recovery power led.

What I'm hoping to find - A solution to my problem, the right combination for a firmware recovery for my specific router, someone to tell me I done-zoe'd my router so I can go buy another one.

Thank you to all for taking your time to reading and help diagnose my problem


* What Hardware version is your router? Look at sticker under the router case.
* What region are you located?
Run thru this and see if you can recover the router:
 Emergency Recovery Mode
You'll need to download the current version of FW for the router first.

Depending which Rev you have, I would download v1.14 for Rev A or v2.07 for Rev B, and load that FW version first in the recovery mode. If you can get it recovered, then use the normal method to update to most current version of FW using the routers web page.

Hardware Version A
Region Canada

I downloaded 1.15 from the Canadian site, should I be downloading 1.14 from the American Site?

As well, the above method didn't trigger the blinking led for the firmware recovery however I was able to trigger it before but don't recall the methond(by luck)

Either one will do.

Are you able to access the recovery page use the linked process?

Unfortunately nope, been trying all day. I guess it's time to go buy a new one :c


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