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Hello together,

I have a network including 1x DGS1210-16 switch acting as a core switch and 2x DGS1210-8P switches that are both connected via SFP to the core switch. Both DGS1210-8P are identical in terms of Firmware/HW Revision.

I cannot access the management ui from one of those two DGS1210-8P switches as soon as I enable management VLAN=200 on it :(

DGS1210-16: Core Switch (Port 15, Tagged with all VLANs) -> 1x DGS1210-8P (Port 9, Tagged with all VLANs)
DGS1210-16: Core Switch (Port 16, Tagged with all VLANs) -> 1x DGS1210-8P (Port 9, Tagged with all VLANs)
DGS1210-16: Management VLAN=200
Both DGS1210-8P: Management VLAN=200
I'm testing the access via a port=3/VLAN=200 from core switch.

Strange thing is that I can gain access to the problematic switch if I connect an admin pc directly to it and put the connected port into the management VLAN=200. From any other switch I cannot access the management ui even all uplink ports are tagged for all VLANs. The other DGS1210-8P acts as expected and I can access it even from the core switch.

Any idea how to find the cause for this problem? I'm very close to replace the complete network infrastructure due to this problem :(

Thank & Best Regards


* What region are you located?
Anything in the user manual about this by chance?

So issue is replicated on both DGS1210-8P?

I'm located in Germany and already read through the whole Manual but could not find any hint regarding this Case.

Issue is not replicated, it occurs on one of two switches which are configured equally. "Normal" Traffic works as expected in both switches, it's only an issue regarding the Management ui from one Switch.

Best regards

Unlikely a configuration issue since the setup is very basic. Possibly a bad switch? Try swapping the two and see if issue follows that same switch. Or you can try other ports as trunk. But if traffic is passing through on VLAN 200, then it might be just the GUI itself not responding and maybe still on default VLAN.


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