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DCS-5020L - Firmware 1.15.12 released - Fixes Revoked Certificate issue


Firmware - ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DCS-5020L/REVA/

Release Notes:

New Features:

1. Upgrade mydlink agent to 2.2.0-b32n
2. Update ActiveX Plugin to v1.0.1.15
3. Re-sign the ActiveX plugin with the new certificate
4. Re-sign the Java applet with the new certificate
5. Re-sign the macOS plugin with the new certificate
6. Change the default system time to 2018-01-01
7. Support digest authentication for Web UI (Cannot support basic authentication for Web UI)
8. Upgrade MatrixSSL to v3.9.3 that resolve the vulnerabilities in MatrixSSL
9. Add XSS protection mechanism for CGI command


1. Fixed home position issue when flip/mirror enabled.
2. Fixes the issue that Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability for FTP setting.
3. Fixes the issue that denial of service (DoS) vulnerabilities for upload firmware and restore configuration.
4. Remove crossdomain.xml to fix a security vulnerability issue.
5. Fixed a command injection issue in the change adminís password configuration (/setSystemAdmin).
6. Fixed the issue where sending long password on password field of html page.
7. Fixes the D-Track issue (HQ20171011000008) that get jpeg image
8. Fixed the D-Track issue (HQ20180123000009) that audio and video stream are out of sync when view the cameraís video feeds via ActiveX viewer in IE

updated mine from 1.14 to 1.15.   

So far it is stable and no disconnection.
Able to login with HTTPS (although video is unencrypted) with Firefox 52 ESR, prior firmware will not work with https.
But this firmware will not work with newer Firefox 60 ESR. Dumb firefox... :)


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