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DCS-930L Rev B - Firmware v2.16.01 Released - Revoked Certificate fix


Firmware for the DCS-930L Revision B1 and B2 has been released to fix the revoked certificate issue.

Note that firmware for revision A is still getting fixed but may take a while for release.


Any update for A hardware version? I have this cam and its unusable since I can select areas for live trigger. I emailed support and they tell me I am SOL as support was discontinued for this product in October but they would be happy to take my credit card and let premium support have a stab at it. Pretty upset with D-link and I don't plan on buying any of their hardware in the future at this rate

I've been emailing for 2 months and have not received a definitive answer.

Rev A was discontinued in 2013. It is very hard to get code written from a dead chipset by the vendor.

Companies discontinue their products and charge for support. That is nothing new. You can still use the app. you can use the workaround to configure your camera.


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