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DAP 2360 power led blinking red HELP!

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Rather than starting a new thread, I will continue with this one as it is the same problem I am facing with one of my DAP2360's.

I have had this unit running perfectly for 2 years now. It is in an 8 device ARRAY. Some of our customers started complaining last week of the lack of wifi in their rooms. I could not locate/login to the device as normal so when physically arriving to its location, noticed the POWER LED flashing, LAN LED on, and the WIFI LED off. I have put in a support request to DLink but, because this is over 2 years old, 2 years 5 months to be exact, not sure if I will get anything without having to pay.

Anyone here have any knowledge of this issue?  The OP never came back to advise if resolved or not.




* What region are you located?
Are you using the included power adapter or PoE to power the unit?

Can you access the DAPs web page at all after factory resetting the DAP?

I don't see any other information regarding the Red Blinking LED in the user manual so you may need to phone contact D-Link support and ask about it...

Ok you adjusted the thread, cool.

I am located in Italy. I have forced reset, no change. I have no access whatsoever to the device. Prior to reset, I tried with the assigned IP, after reset I tried the factory IP, nothing. The device is not seen on network by the ARRAY master, nor by the modem ping, nor by random pinging from other devices. I have tried other ports from the switch, other switches, and direct connect. WIFI does not see at all.

Using original power supply, tried to PoE it, and bought a new power supply just in case. Still no change.

Sounds like you've done all the troubleshooting you can. Even the power supply. I would presume that the DAP unit is probably dead. You can contact your regional D-Link support office to see if there is any RMA options available. I presume you'll need to get a new one.

Yep started that already. Was hoping someone might know something about this problem so I can fix in house. I have 5 others that are dead too, generation before this one I believe, DWL3200 series. All those gad a GROUND whine before death lol.

Thanks anyway


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