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[*] Out of box setup (video)
[*] Setup using the Wi-Fi App
[*] Which of the two ports can be used as the WAN/Internet port

[*] How do I log in to my Covr Wi-Fi devices
[*] How do I update firmware
[*] How do I turn on/off the LED on my Covr-C1203 Points
[*] How do I change the Administrator password on my COVR devices
[*] How to configure QoS
[*] How to backup and restore the configuration settings
[*] How to disable UPnP
[*] How to open ports (port forwarding)
[*] How to configure Guest Zone
[*] How to configure DDNS
[*] How to set up DHCP reservations

[*] How do I reset back to factory default settings
[*] Why does my Covr Point keep losing connection
[*] Why won't VoIP work


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