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DFL-210 Change WAN static to dynamic

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The local ISP here is changing all static IP to dynamically assigned DHCP.  One new client of ours has this DFL-210 setup with static IP on WAN currently.  I'm able to access the router, but for the life of me can't figure out how to simply set WAN from static to dynamic.  Appreciate any tips as I'm probably overlooking something.

Review the user manual to see any information regarding this.

I have read all manuals and searched out everything I could find online with no luck.  That's why I posted here.

Does page 59-60 of the user manual help any?

No experience with this particular device so you may need to contact D-Link support...

I will give that a try, must have overlooked it originally or thought DHCP client was for internal LAN use only.  I did call support and they said this model is no longer supported due to age so they couldn't help either.


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