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Author Topic: Ralink RT3050F chip extremely hot in a DIR-300 router which has stopped working  (Read 4742 times)


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Hello all,

I'm glad I've found this forum with a lot of useful information on D-Link products.

I have a D-Link DIR-300 router with a Ralink RT3050F chip in it which has been showing some error symptoms in the last couple of days (losing connections, etc.). After a while it stopped working: no other LED lights up than the power LED, that is green and that's all. I tried in various ways, but I can't connect to it from the PC with an Ethernet cable, it doesn't show up any page @ and it is not responding to pings either. It cannot be reset, no matter how hard I tried (pushing the reset buttons for 10 seconds plugged in to the mains, 30/30/30 reset), the LEDs are not flashing up at boot after that.
As a last resort, I disassembled the router to see if I can see any visible sign of damage (like a burnt chip). Although I didn't find any such visible sign, what I noticed is that the chip is so extremely hot, that it cannot be touched by a bare hand.
Finally, here's my question: is the unbearably hot surface of the chip the sign of the fact that the chip - and thus the router - is dead, i.e. unusable anymore? Does anyone have any suggestion how could I revive the router?

Thank you very much for your response in advance!
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  • What region are you located?

Is there a heat sink on the this chip at all. You could install a heat sink to see if it might help.
Being it extremely hot, could be now bad.

Can you take a picture of this ship and inside the router and post it for us to see?
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