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I have a bunch of these DCH-S150 sensors. I was using the Basic Schedule function on a half dozen of these and they were working great until the Firmware version 1.22. All Schedule function stopped working on all scheduled sensors. The sensor works fine if you manually turn it on and off. Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

Try taking one of the sensors on do a factory reset on the sensor then set it up from the schedule feature and let us know if the problem still happens...

The scheduling issue has affected different Connected Home devices. D-Link is working on a fix. 

Since these motion detectors are a very important part of my home security setup, is there a timeframe in place for getting this resolved?


No timeline yet. Make sure you contact tech support and report the issue.

There was BETA firmware for the smart plugs with the same issue released yesterday so hopefully they will have something for the other connected home devices. This issue is not affecting most customers.


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