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DCS-8000LH - Firmware v2.01.03 Released

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Firmware version 2.01.03 has been released. You can only upgrade using the mydlink App.  Firmware will be pushed through the mydlink server in the next few days. The mydlink app will notify you when a new firmware is available.

NOTE: If you are using firmware 1.x.x and want to continue using the mydlink Lite app and HTTP/RTSP features, DO NOT UPGRADE to 2.x.x.

Release Notes:

New Features:
1. Change mydlink agent to v3.0.0-b71.
2. Support mydlink Requirements for IoT Agent Version 1.0.6.
3. Add mirror and Flip functions.
4. Support mydlink Requirements for Streaming Agent Version 0.5.1.

1. LED on/off support
2. Disable NTP client support.
3. OSD time is not sync with the time get from "date" command.
4. mydlink app could not setup WiFi connection successfully if password has "space" character.

I just bought a DCS-8000LH camera.
The firmware upgraded to 1.02.04 but I did not find how to upgrade to version 2 in order to use the cloud storage feature !
Can you tell me how to do this ?

I finally could upgrade it by opening the mydlink app instead of mydlink lite


I bought this camera because of the HTTP/RTSP support. When I got the item it was already v2.X.
Could you please advise how to downgrade to v1.x. Or are the any plans to implement HTTP/RTSP in this version of code?

This feature is extremely important. Without it I need to look for another vendor which supports.
The ultimate goal is to be able to check the live stream on PC not a small handheld phone.


Unfortunately you cannot downgrade to 1.x.  I wish you could (believe me I wish). The DCS-8xxxLH series cameras are app only and removed RTSP support. These are the only 4 cameras out of the 30+ cameras dlink sells that does not have RTSP.


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