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Schedules not working?

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I'm having troubles with the scheduling option on my DCH-S150. I've never been able to make it work with the advanced scheduling but the basic scheduling worked fine until a few days ago. The sensor works fine providing I turn it on or off manually but it just stays like that no matter the program. Am I missin something? Is this a known issue?

What version of the mydlink Home app are you using?

What version of iOS or Android are you using?

There were scheduling issues from the last mydlink server update for one of the smart plugs. It may have affected the S150. I will forward this to a tech.

Thanks for the answer.
The app is mydlink Home V 3.0.9 for android.
The android version I'm using is 8.1.0. I'm currently using a custom ROM (Lineage 15.1) could that be an issue?

Were there any changes since it worked last?  The custom ROM shouldn't make a difference but you never know. Did scheduling work since you loaded it? Maybe go back to 8.0.0 and see if the scheduling works.

Were there any changes since it worked last? I'm not sure.

About a week ago I tried using a different smartphone with stock Android 8.0. At that time, both the basic and advanced scheduling started working. Again, I never saw the advance scheduling working before. I thought maybe IT WAS the OS, but the very next day things went back to not working.

Since then I've been testing both basic and advance scheduling with both the custom and the stock Android and nothing. Right now it is not working (again, the sensor works fine provided I turn it on or off manually).

I am not angry at this whole thing, just a little bit dissapointed. I got a great deal on these sensors and I've been testing how reliable they are as a home alarm... and while I expected some unreliability due to the internet connection I just don't think the whole system is reliable enough. I'm happy to keep posting issues so maybe you can fix them down the road.


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