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Motion detection on schedule: camera controlled or DNR controlled?


Hello all

I recently purchased a DNR-202L to provide motion detected live video recording. All three of my cameras are currently recording on a schedule (they are not currently connected to the DNR).

I see that the DNR can also record on a schedule when motion is detected by the configured connected cameras.

I assume that since the DNR is configured to record when motion is detected on a schedule, then having schedules configured in the cameras is not required.

The manual included with the DNR is not clear on that issue.

Thank you!

You can do it either way but it will be easier to configure the DNR with the motion detection and schedule. You may want to connect 1 camera and test it to where it is working for you then just apply it to the other cameras.

Great! Thank you.

I have my cameras record to their SD card and the DNR record also.  I figure it's backup in case someone steals the camera or DNR.  Plus, with my outside camera, the camera can record based on PIR or Motion, but the DNR only gets the motion signal from that camera.


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