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Hello! Recently, I've been trying to port forward my D-Link DSL-2470U to my server, but, whenever I go to the admin login page, Username admin and Password admin won't work. I've tried other variations of these type of credential information, but they wouldn't work too. My question is, how do I find out my D-Link's login credentials? Thank you!

Default log in should be Admin and just no password, blank password.
Check the modems user manual to be sure.
If you still can get in, I would do a factory reset and try again.
Be sure to clear out any browser caches before accessing the web page.
Try a different browser.

Alright, I've tried Admin and w/o a password, it didn't work. I checked the back of my DSL, it said Username is admin, Password is admin, so I typed it in and it didn't work.  I cleared my cache, tried all the different passwords but it didn't work. Now how do I do a factory reset?

There should be a button old in back of the modem where you need a push pin or paper clip end and push in for 10-15 seconds then let go. This will cause a factory reset. Review the user manual for reset and set up information as well...


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