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WIFI Connect Issue


Ok first of all I have plenty of WIFI signal through the house (have a TP-LINK Extender) confirmed with WIFI Analyzer.

Problem: I can hook up camera through Ethernet flawlessly and where the router is I can hook it up wireless no issues. NOW, I unplug camera and moved to desired room IT WILL NOT HOOK UP.  Now it has hooked up before but my Dad (Has Parkinson) for whom the camera is for unplugged it and its been a bear to get it going again.  I'm pretty savvy on this stuff but I've met my match and seek help.

Thank you very much!

I had a similar issue - using Asus RT - AC5300 + GT AC 5300 on AIMesh setup. finally got to resolving it by switching off AIprotection during setup of these cams.

trying switching off all FW/Protections on your router...


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