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Suggestions to replace DIR-655 in residential setting


Now that the DIR-655 is off of support, it's probably past time for me to replace it. It has served well as a router and Access point downstream of a Comcast modem, providing wireless and wired access to our home and home office. We have a Linksys range extender to support streaming devices on the main floor (the DIR-655 is in the basement). I would like a replacement with a similar footprint and maybe some improved manageability and security. Range is OK, although it would be nice to have a little more wireless bandwidth for the 4K smart TV and XBox.

I would also like to do as little shopping as possible - anyone have the perfect solution for me?

Well if the 655 is still working, keep it. If it ain't broke don't fix it. It's been one of D-Link's best routers for a very long time.

Personally I use the DIR-890L at home and has been running strong for over a year for me. I do have a 4K TV streaming daily without issues. I do not have much experience with the newer generation routers (DIR-869, 878, 879, 822, 882) or the COVR systems in real-life day to day usage unfortunately.

Hopefully some other users can give their input and experiences.

Also if the 655 is working well for you as a router, you could still keep it, disable the wifi radio on it, then install a COVR/DIR series router in LAN to LAP AP mode and take advantage of the upgraded wireless of some of these newer router. I've uses the COVR or DIR-890L in AP mode for it's wireless range with older model series routers when needed sometimes. Another option for you to consider if you want to keep using the 655 as a main host router.
Turning a router into an AP.


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