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Around 40 second then Time outs back to login screen.

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Dir-655 A3  FW 137NA
After years of faithful service my 2 655's are now timing out at around 40 second. and returning to the logon screen.
It's a real pain to try and make any changes in 40 seconds and save.
I even installed an old version of Firefox 40.02 and get the same results.
I use Chrome as default browser and I have tred IE11 also.
Why is this happening?
I recently switched from mediacom cable ISP to ATT fiber. I run the ATT router in pass-through mode and use my 655 as my gateway.
Anyone else having this problem?
Solutions to fix timeout?


* What region are you located?
Even while your navigating the UI the web page is timing out and going back to the log in screen?

Try IE11 with compatibility mode enabled...If this fails,

Try a factory reset, re-load FW, factory reset then setup from scratch using IE11 in compatibility mode.

Update... Every connection is RJ45.
I have isolated the problem to exist when trying to stay connected only when using my personal computer. I have 2 other computers on my home network that DO NOT time out as described. This is an issue with my computer, not the routers...
I have disabled AVG virus.
Turned off PIA VPN. Turned of Magicjack.
Next I'll clear the DNS cache.
any suggestions?

What are the OS versions your using on these PCs?

Let us know the results if disabling your apps and trying IE11 with compatibility mode enabled. Sounds like something on your PC isn't right.  :-\

PC is Windows 7 x64 with a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Ethernet controller.
IE11 compatibility mode made no difference. I even tried an older version of Firefox.
I have 2 other Win 7 x64 computers on my home network that connect with no problem.


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