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I have 6 cameras in my house, and recently one of my 930L's died. I wanted a wider viewing angle, and the techs at D-Link suggested the 936L.
I ordered one and it arrived last weekend. While install went fairly well, I can't seem to convince the camera to work outside my home network.
Here are the details.
1. I configured the camera using MyDlink lite on my iPad. This got it on the wifi, then I changed the IP to the old static IP of my dead 930L.
This killed the MyDlink cloud camera, but I'm not too worried about that. maybe someone could help with that later.
2. Now that I could access the camera using a web browser (IE, because apparently nothing else works), I set the HTML to port 444 to match the old port of the dead 930L. Now I had the 936L setup to all the same parameters as my old 930L.  Which are port forwarded in my router.
3. I was able to get both OWLR on my iPad and IP CAM controller on my Windows 10 phone to work with the new camera. While on my home wifi it was fine.
4. Outside my home network I get nothing. No response on either my iPad or phone. No response using a web browser (which works fine for ALL my other cameras). This is confusing as my 936L is configured the same as my dead 930L, and that worked fine (until it blew up).

I have tried multiple apps, multiple devices and can't get the dang thing to work. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!


* What Hardware version is your modem? Look at the sticker under modem.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the modems web page under status.
* What region are you located?

* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the DCSs web page under status.
* What region are you located?
What Mfr and model is the main host router?
Port Forwarding is not needed with these cameras. Just uPnP and a internet service that has a signal NAT condition with your ISP modem and any external routers.
I have this model camera alone with a 933L and 960L. Access all cameras from MyDLink app from work and home.

Test cameras with uPnP and uPnP Port Forwarding both enabled on ALL cameras: DCS Cloud (L) Series Camera Configuration and Mydlink.com

Thanks for the quick reply.
I tried to Teamview into my home Pc and get some more info, but I seem to have messed up that connection. Everything breaks at once.
I have considered using uPnP to streamline port forwarding to MyDlink, but not all my cameras are DLinks. Unless there is a way to add non DLink cameras, then I have to stick with port forwarding and apps like iSpy, and OWL (which are vendor agnostic)
I am in Tampa FL, USA, using Frontier Internet, stock Frontier fiber router/wifi AP. I'll get model specific info for you.
I was able to get into the 936L before I messed up my home PC. I changed the Dynamic DNS to No-Ip and added my credentials (just in case that was the issue)
I then added a DNS server to the 936L, and then lost connection when it rebooted. For some reason, that cause the PC to lose it's routing.
Anyway, I'll know more tonight when I get home.

Question, are these the current URLs for video on the 936L? There is too much conflicting info out there right now

MJPEG video/mjpg.cgi
JPEG   image/jpeg.cgi

also, do I need to put the user/password in the URL? I really need a good way to test streaming from any browser.
That way, I will know if the camera is the problem or my network settings

OK, I got it to work.... sort of

Let me begin by saying that if you want an easy to use webcam and you DO NOT want to use MyDlink, then the 936L is not for you. It is specifically designed to function with MyDlink to the point where it's very difficult to use as a regular webcam.

First off, the setup function will push you to register the camera with MyDlink. Don't do it, that will misconfigure several camera settings. Instead, skip MyDlink and finish connecting to the local wifi. After that, get into the camera's webpage and change the network parameters to hard code the IP. BTW, having a webpage that only works in Internet Explorer is about the dumbest thing I can imagine. IE is the least stable browser platform and most people don't even use it. I have IE on my Windows phone and the camera's webpage still shows "unsupported browser". This is another example of pushing the user towards only using MyDlink.
After you register the camera correctly to your network, you should be able to open the correct ports to push streaming to the Internet. If you have a DLink router, then uPnP will do it for you. Too bad 99% of us use our ISP's routers. Getting good video on the other end is also tough, since the camera uses 3 channels and high end video. The default channel (1) is high def, so you may want to change it to the smaller size of channel two (2). This will stop the high def channel from timing out on most webcam apps. If the app can select camera channels, then use channel two (2), and you should be ok.
Honestly, DLink has a really good camera in the 936L if they would just stop cramming MyDlink down our throats. At $30 USD, it's a good deal. It has awesome video, good security features and I really like the mounting bracket. By shaving down the plastic hinge stop, I was able to convert the base into a window mount. Using poster putty, I mount the ring base to the window; then swing the camera down 180 degrees to face outside. This is where the horizontal adjustment ring really shines. I just rotate the ring so the camera is now rightside up. Infrared has to be shutdown, because it just bounces off the glass and blinds the camera. Still, for the money, it's a well made camera. DLink, please stop trying to push your MyDlink site unless you plan to allow people to register non Dlink products. I like your cameras, but I like Foscam as well.


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