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DCS-8525LH - Firmware Releases


The firmware can only be updated through the mydlink app.

Version 1.03.06 - Released April 16, 2019  (Edit: May 10, 2019)

1. Update mydlink agent to v 3.2.3-b01
2. Support mydlink app rich notification feature
3. Support mydlink app firmware manual upgrade feature
4. Support microSD cards up to 256GB.
5. PIN code as default password and setup by FW not factory.
6. Support D-Link Anti-Brute-Force Attack Mechanism_v04
7. Support WEP encryption
8. Set the PIN code as password after binding.

1. Fix device easy binding fail issue
2. Fix Bluetooth compatibility issue with certain mobile devices

Version 1.02.02 - Released August 15, 2018

1. Update mydlink agent to v3.0.0-b75
2. Support mydlink Requirements for IoT Agent Version 1.0.6

1. Change IR cut minimum illumination.
2. Fix when sensitivity setup to 0%, it still can trigger motion detection.

Version 1.01.03 - Released June 4, 2018

1. Update mydlink agent to v3.0.0-b64.1
2. Change Video spec - 1080P up to 1.5M bitrate

1. Reduce the echo noise on the device
2. Change PWR LED green on when LINK LED turn to green
3. Fix talk delay issue
4. Reduce video pixelization issue during pan/tilt movement

Version 1.00

1. Initial Release


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